- Ch. Namika's Mid-American Gigilo "Duce"-

- Ch. Namika's Essence "Kharma"-

Owner Alchemist Akitas
OFA Excellent
CERF Current
Owner Alchemist Akitas
OFA Good
CERF Current


Ch. Namika's Mid-American Giglo Ch. Namika's Totally Shameless Ch. Mariah's Diligent Wise One
Toshimi's Touch of Fire
Namika's Sedona De'Torazo Mariah's The VIP
Ch. Mariah's The Chosen One
Ch. Namika's Essence Ch. Excaliburs Atomic Playboy Ch. Regalia Darqknight Excalibur
Ch. Carousel's Jagged Edge
Ch. Namika's Cutting-Edge Ch. Buckridge's Nike at Eire'sown
Chereed's Elite Dream Namika
DOB 10/5/2006    
Alchemist Partly Cloudy "Jada"
Owner: Robert Smith
Alchemist Goddess Athena "Athena"
Owner: Alchemist Akitas
Ch. Rus, Bel, Mold, Est, Grand UKR Alchemist International Phenomenon "Chara" we are so proud of her!  
Girl 4

Alchemist Black Flower Osa De Gozo

Girl 5

Alchemist Yoshi






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