CH. Alchemist I'm Not Afraid to Ask the Mirror4Answers


6 months old

2012 Akita Nationals Best Puppy

2012 Akita Nationals 1st 9-12 Months Bitch Class

2012 Akita Nationals

Best of Breed
2012 Labor Day Lexington Show




Ch. Regalia's Flagstone

Ch. Regalia's Fyrestone

Ch. Ruthdales Knockout at Buckridgetwo

Ch. Huntmere Regalia's Bonfyre

Ch. Regalia's Avant Garde

Ch. Regalia's Loaded for Bear


Ch. Regalia's Darq Image


Alchemist M&M's Goddess Athena

Ch. Namika's Mid-American Gigilo

Ch. Namika's Totally Shameless

Namika's Sedona De'Torazo

Ch. Namika's Essence

Ch. Excalibur's Atomic Playboy

Ch. Namika's Cutting-Edge



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