- Alchemist Give Yourself to the Darkside-
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- Ch. Alchemist  Gisele is a Covergirl-
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Owner Regalia's Akitas
CERF Current
Owner Alchemist Akitas
OFA  Good
CERF Current

Puppies Born 10/9/12

4 Girls 3 Boys

Alchemist Give Yourself to the Darkside CH Mt. Joy's Fortunate One CH T'Stone the Hustler
CH Mt. Joy's Catch the Spirit
Alchemist My Sweet Valentine CH Namika's Totally Shameless
Torazo's Steel Magnolia Dembe
CH Alchemist Gisele is a Covergirl CH Namika's Mid-American Gigilo CH Namika's Totally Shameless
Namika's Sedona De'Torazo
CH Alchemist Gia is Breath Taking Namika CH Regalia's Fyrestone
Namika's Sedona De'Torazo
Boy 1 Sold



Boy 2 Sold    
Boy 3 Sold    
Girl 1 Staying at Alchemist  
Girl 2 Available
Girl 3 Sold    
Girl 4 Sold    


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