- Ch. Namika's Elijah-Bleu-
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- Alchemist Goddess Athena -
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Owner Namika's Akitas
OFA Excellent
CERF Current
Owner Alchemist Akitas
CERF Current


Ch. Namika's Elijah-Bleu Ch. Namika's Totally Shameless Ch. Mariah's Diligent Wise One
Toshimi's Touch of Fire
Torazo's Steel Magnolia Namika's Sedona De' Torazo
Ch. Regalia's Fyrestone
Alchemist Goddess Athena Ch. Namika's Mid-American Gigilo Ch. Namika's Totally Shameless
Namika's Sedona De'Torazo
Ch. Namika's Essence Ch. Excaliburs Atomic Playboy
Ch. Namika's Cutting-Edge
Born 11/17/10
Boy 1

My Accomplices They Remain Anonymous  "Shiancoe"

Boy 2



Boy 3 - Anotnio

Owners: The Smith Family

Boy 4

Alchemist's Guardian Of Valor "Valor"

Owner: Erika Peters

Girl 1

Alchemist You are the Prototype  "Leilani" 

Girl 2

Alchemist Hunab Ku Mayista On Sahuaro

Owner: Jose Martinez Canto

Girl 3 - Marrcia

Owner: Gary Mitchinson

Girl 4

Alchemist Richey's Sora Saki

Owner: Weber Family


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