Ch. Blak Bak's Alchemist Aries Is A Diva

Aires @ 5 Weeks

Aires @ 9 Months

Best of Winners/Best of Opposite Sex 8 Months & Best of Breed 11 Months

Best of Winners & Best of Breed/Best of Winners @ 11 Months

Best of Breed 20 Months

Aries @ 3 Years



CH. Regalia's American Emblem

CH. T'Stone Raja Regalia on Buckridge

CH. T'Stone's Cut to the Chase Chiheisen
CH. T'Stone's Indian Sumr Kbra Kai
CH. Regalia's Candle In The Wind

CH. Akiko's the Ring Master
CH. Regalia's After Darq Big Benz


CH. Torazo's Saint She Ain't

CH. Excaliburs Atomic Playboy

CH. Regalia Darqknight Excalibur

CH. Carousel's Jagged Edge
CH. Mariah's the Chosen One

CH. Minda's Wadda Catch by White Eagle
CH. Masako Mariko-San Foonying




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